Author Instructions

Please make sure you have read through these instructions carefully before beginning the submission process. To contact the Journal Staff regarding a submission that is already in progress, simply click and using the submission system "Manuscript Submit" link located in right side of main page.


New Account Registration
To register a brand new account, click the "Authors - Submit an Abstract" link on the submission system (http://www.jopt.info/submit).
You will be asked to enter your paper title, E-mail, authors list and abstract of your paper so that the system may first determine if an account already exists for you.
If the system determines you already have an account, your login name and a new, temporary password will be automatically emailed to you(if you click the send password).
If you need further assistance, please contact the Journal Staff directly(editorial@jopt.info).

If the system does not find an existing account in the database, you may login immediately after creating your new account.
You will also receive an email with your selected login information.

Review Process
The manuscript submission and peer review process is broken down into the following steps:

One of Author register to a member of the Journal of Pervasive Technology.
The Author submits a manuscript.
The Editor assigns Reviewers to the manuscript after checking the member information.
The Reviewers review the manuscript.
The Editor drafts a decision to be sent to the Author.
 Preparing to Submit

Before submitting a manuscript, please gather the following information:

All Author
First and Last Names
Postal Addresses
Work Telephone Numbers (for Corresponding Author only)
E-mail addresses
Title (you can copy and paste this from your manuscript)
Abstract (you can copy and paste this from your manuscript)

We now accept manuscripts in only Microsoft Word(MS word, DOC or DOCX) file format for new and resubmitted manuscripts. (download sample manuscript :http://www.jopt.info/sample.zip)
We ask authors to submit their revisions in only Microsoft Word format - if your paper is accepted for publication, the publisher will NOT be able to use a PDF text file.
You will need to send it in Microsoft Word format. Manuscript files in Word (Please make sure the "Language" is "English (U.S.)" via Tools->Language->Set Language).
Cover Letter, including institution for EVERY author listed on the manuscript Figures/Images for new manuscripts or resubmission have to embedded in the MS word file.

Submission Process
The manuscript submission process is broken into four steps that gather detailed information about your manuscript and allow you to upload the associated files. The four steps of the submission process are:

General Information
All information about your manuscript, including the Authors, Manuscript Title, Abstract is gathered using a single submission form. NOTE: There is a button at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to save your progress and come back later, if needed. However, it is highly recommended that you try to submit your paper in one session if possible.

Upload Files
A screen asking for the actual file locations (via an open file dialog). After completing the submit abstract page, your files will be sent for the peer review process (at least 3 person reviewing).

A completion screen that will provide you with a specific manuscript tracking number for your manuscript.

Getting Help
Context-Sensitive Help
If you need additional help, you can send e-mail to Journal Staff.

Contact Journal Staff
You may contact the Journal Staff at any time by e-mail editorial@jopt.info

Login Help
If you have forgotten or do not know your login name or password, simply click the "Send me my password" link on login page on the submission system.
You will If a single account can be found in the database, the system will automatically and instantly send you an email with your login name and a new, temporary password.
If a single account cannot be identified from the information provided, you will need to contact the Journal Staff to reset your password for you.

Manuscript Status
After you approve your manuscript, the submission process is complete.

Please make sure you have gathered all the required manuscript information listed above BEFORE starting the submission process.

Please press HOME to continue.

Proposal for Section, Editorial Member, and Special Issue : editorial@jopt.info


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